Overwhelmed by Clutter? These Simple Steps Can Create a More Orderly Home

Overwhelmed by Clutter? These Simple Steps Can Create a More Orderly Home

Overwhelmed by Clutter? These Simple Steps Can Create a More Orderly Home

Do you ever feel like clutter is taking over your life? The problem with clutter is that it always continues to pile up. That is, until you take the time to declutter – AND find solutions for keeping it away. Your mind will benefit from the lack of stuff, and your home will benefit.

Decluttering and cleaning are essential for both maintaining a home, and increasing the value if you are planning to sell, so get that broom out before the appraiser comes. If the thought of doing this seems overwhelming, you’re not alone. But don’t worry! You don’t need to hire a professional organizer to declutter successfully.

Make a Plan

It may seem like planning to declutter is overthinking things, but this step is actually an easy one that makes the whole process less stressful. Many people set aside a chunk of time to declutter their whole home, usually over the course of a few days, or they peck away at it for a while, tackling a section at a time.

Sarah Ever After suggests setting decluttering goals and increasing your decluttering efforts to meet them. Identify specific things you’ll accomplish and set timelines for yourself. You can do this by decluttering for a certain amount of time each day and then consistently increasing the intensity and amount of time you spend on it.

Consider Cleaning

As you go through your rooms organizing, it makes sense to also do some deep cleaning. You can establish a similar pattern of cleaning a section at a time, although certain aspects of deep cleaning are a little unwieldy, like upholstery. You can always outsource this phase of your project to professionals, or if your pieces are relatively new, Angi notes cleaning might fall under your warranty.

Make it a Positive Process

Too many people approach the idea of decluttering with a sense of dread. Instead, try to keep a sense of positivity throughout the process. One idea is to declutter by category rather than by room. For instance, begin with your closets, then kitchen cupboards, followed by books, papers, and sentimental objects last. Put on a favorite playlist, and dig in!

On the other hand, some people are fine with decluttering once they get going, but they struggle with starting in the first place. In this case, consider taking before and after pictures of a room. The (mostly) Simple Life points out it can be inspiring to see the fruits of your labors! Once you can see how much you’re accomplishing, the visual will provide excellent motivation to keep going.

Refreshing Rewards

Sometimes you can find motivation by rewarding yourself at the end of the process. This might be with something just for you, like a bubble bath or cup of good coffee, or it might be something relating to your home, like refreshing the look. New paint or wall treatments are a simple — yet dramatic — way to change up your space.

Don’t overlook the option of wallpaper, since nowadays it’s very user-friendly. If you go with a service like Spoonflower, you can select from thousands of peel-and-stick options designed by professional artists, or you could even design your own. Think about what will make you the happiest. If you’re on the fence, order some samples to help with your decision. 

Keep Clutter From Coming Back

Getting rid of excess clutter is only the first step. To keep it from coming back, the way you store everything that’s left can make all the difference. For example, when clothes are stacked in a drawer, it’s almost impossible to find what you’re looking for without making a mess of everything.

Instead, try folding clothes in a way that they can be stored vertically so that they stay visible. In addition to keeping your drawers much neater, you may even rediscover old favorites and get much more enjoyment out of creating your own style.

Even with the best storage solutions, clutter can still creep in. The easiest way to keep it from becoming a problem is to do a quick decluttering session each day, or declutter a little throughout your day. When you’re staring down a house full of stuff, getting started is the hardest part. Just remember – decluttering can be much easier than you think, and yes, even fun!

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